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Artichoke - Cynara scolymus


Artichoke - Cynara scolymus is a thermophilic perennial delicacy vegetable with about 20 seeds in 1 gram. The plants are massive and the leaves form wide rosettes, so a distance of 100×100 cm is recommended. It is sown in March and hardy seedlings are planted in the second half of May in a sunny site with deep, well worked and sufficiently moist soil. Undeveloped but well-developed buds are harvested successively from July to September. Artichokes grow very well in our wine-growing areas and do not tolerate temperatures below -10 °C. When grown in a polytunnel, it overwinters reliably in our country; when grown outdoors, it is recommended to uproot the plants in autumn and store them in sand in a cool room for the winter, or cover them well with straw in the site.

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