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Chinese cabbage

Brassica campestris varieta pekinensis - Chinese cabbage, TSW 3-5 g, 200-300 seeds in 1 g. We grow mainly for autumn harvest with recommended sowing around July 15th. We can sow directly or pre-grow seedlings. In spring sows there is a risk of premature running into the flower, especially at low jarovization temperatures. The risk of blossoming can be minimized in this cultivation process by pre-growing seedlings at a higher temperature (20 ° C) up to stage 8-10 of the right leaves. We do not harden the seedlings!

For the cultivation of Chinese cabbage are best humusous soil with good water capacity and pH 6-6,5. Acidic soils are not suitable. Because of the short growing season, it requires a good supply of accessible nutrients in the soil.


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