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        Flower and vegetables seeds


In our e-shop you will found offers seeds from our production

and others prestigious seeds companies from around the world.

We offers wide assortiment flowers seeds, first of all annuals,

biennials, vegetables and herbage. The seeds are in quality for

profesional gardens. Others information on


Discount 5 % is at bay article up 91 EUR without VAT.

We are testing every flower varietis for climate conditions in the Czech Republic before downgranding to our offer. Our company launched on the market tested novelty every year.


                          Petunia hybrida ' Petit F1'                                                     Petunia superbissima 'Černýho triumf '  

Černý company is specialized on breading activity and producing flower seeds. More than 100 original varieties of Petunia, Begonia, Cyclamen, Convalaria and other flower varieties hav been bread in the company since 1934.


             Petunia hybrida 'Karkulka'                    Begonia tuberhybrida gigantea                Cyklamen persicum polypetallum