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Field bean


Phaseolus vulgaris – Field Bean, TSW 200-250 g, 4-5 seeds in 1 g. Sowing when the soil temperature does not drop below 10 ° C and the soil is sufficiently supplied with water, which is in practice from the 1st of May to the middle of June. By gradual sowing until the end of June, we can extend the harvest time. Important is the depth of sowing - from 4 to 7 cm for bush bean, 6 to 8 cm for pole bean. We cultivate only until the beginning of flowering, later intervention in the growth causes a sudden fall of flowers before their expansion and negatively affects the state of health. Irrigation in the beginning of the flowering and in the dry years increases the yield of pods. Bean is a thermophilic plant that requires warmer, lighter to semi-heavier soils for its cultivation. In crop rotation, we put it in the third line.



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