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Catharanthus Roseus (Vinca) Tatoo


Verbena hybrida Obsession Cascade

Calibrachoa Hybrida

Calibrachoa hybrida Kabloom Denim

Begonia boliviensis Tricolour

Begonia boliviensis Tricolour



The ColorGrass® series represent a group of grasses with distinctly decorative leaves and interesting plant shapes. Growing is relatively easy and cheap; two sales periods - early spring and summer.

Seedlings sale in III-V, sowing end of VII – beginning of VIII, in the winter time we store the plants in not - freezing greenhouse, like hybrid pansies, carefully watering, strictly reduce nitrogen fertilization and preventively treat against fungal diseases, pests: aphids, slugs

Seedlings sale in middle of VI–X, sowing gradually from the beginning of II (as annuals), seed in the multi pellets form is best to sow 1 piece in growing plugs cell, do not cover, germination at 18-20 °C, next cultivation at 8-12 °C, can be sale over a longer period, they require mostly sunny locations on the site, the different varieties have a different cultivation time.

Note: each variety have listed the suitability for the specific climatic zone - their frost resistance at the permanent habitat.

Climatic zones:

According to international classification, areas for planting perennials are divided by the lowest yearly temperature into 11 zones. This information gives a rough idea of the frost resistance of the various species and varieties. The following temperatures apply to the above-mentioned zones:

zone 4.     -35 to -29 °C

zone 5.     -29 to -23 °C

zone 6.     -23 to -18 °C

zone 7.     -18 to -12 °C

zone 8.     -12 to -7 °C

zone 9.     -7 to -1 °C

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Carex Red Rooster 100 pellets Carex Red Rooster 100 pellets Art.No.: 008890
50-75 cm, width 30 cm, red and bronze leaves, upright growth, KZ 5-6
239,89 Kč
Carex Bronco 200 seeds Carex Bronco 200 seeds Art.No.: 008900
15-30 cm, width 35 cm, medium bronze brown leaves, overhanging at the end, KZ 6-9
201,25 Kč
Corynephorus Spiky Blue 100 pellets Corynephorus Spiky Blue 100 pellets Art.No.: 008940
15-30 cm, width 20 cm, blue and green leaves, bunch of upright sharp pointed leaves, loves…
239,89 Kč
Festuca Festina 100 pellets Festuca Festina 100 pellets Art.No.: 008950
30-40 cm, width 25-30 cm, blue and green leaves, overhanging thick bunch, blooming in June…
239,89 Kč
Koeleria Coolio 100 pellets Koeleria Coolio 100 pellets Art.No.: 008960
20 cm, in blossoming time 50 cm, width 20 cm, green and blue leaves, upright leaves in…
239,89 Kč
Stipa Pony Tails 100 pellets Stipa Pony Tails 100 pellets Art.No.: 008990
40-60 cm, width 20 cm, medium-brown leaves, thick bush of leaves ending in a silvery…
239,89 Kč
Isolepis Live Wire 100 pellets Isolepis Live Wire 100 pellets Art.No.: 007030
15-20 cm, width 45 cm, light-green leaves, upright plant with overhanging leaf ends, also…
239,89 Kč
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