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Černý - Katalog 2018

Pennisetum macrouruna Tail Feathers 500 seeds letnicky
A List by: Helena Švermová
Lagurus ovatus 0,5g favorit
A List by: Szilvia Juhász

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Grasses for drying and use when fresh, direct sowing from III on, germinates mostly 10-12 days at 20-22°C, plants can also be pre-planted - sowing by 4-6 seeds into 6-8 cm flower pots, 12-15°C, cultivation period 4-6 weeks for production of seedlings.

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Pennisetum macrouruna Tail Feathers 500 seeds Pennisetum macrouruna Tail Feathers 500 seeds Art.No.: 001730
180 cm, very fancy long cob, excellent for floral arrangements and for drying, interesting…
8,59 €
Briza minima 0,25g Briza minima 0,25g Art.No.: 009670
30 cm, very tiny cobs, 3000 seeds in 1g NEW
5,21 €
Panicum elegans 0,5g Panicum elegans 0,5g Art.No.: 009710
80 cm, suitable for floral arrangements, 1000 seeds in 1g NEW
3,66 €
Pennisetum glaucum Copper Prince F1 100 seeds Pennisetum glaucum Copper Prince F1 100 seeds Art.No.: 008580
unique copper, caramel and dark pink shades of leaves and panicles predetermine the variety…
16,72 €
Briza maxima 3g Briza maxima 3g Art.No.: 002660
40 cm, partially ripped, 400 seeds in 1g
5,33 €
Lagurus ovatus 0,5g Lagurus ovatus 0,5g Art.No.: 002690
40-50 cm, ripped seeds, 1600 seeds in 1g
2,73 €
Pennisetum villosum  0,5g Pennisetum villosum 0,5g Art.No.: 002700
60 cm, ripped seeds, 550 seeds in 1g
5,25 €
Phalaris canariensis 5g Phalaris canariensis 5g Art.No.: 002710
100 cm, 150 seeds in 1g
1,95 €
Panicum violaceum 5g Panicum violaceum 5g Art.No.: 005900
70 cm, 200 seeds in 1g
2,98 €
Setaria macrostachya 5g Setaria macrostachya 5g Art.No.: 005930
80 cm, 500 seeds in 1g
1,95 €
Sorgum nigrum 5g Sorgum nigrum 5g Art.No.: 008130
150 cm, robust grass with distinctive inflorescence, 60 seeds in 1g
3,19 €
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