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Verbena bonariensis - sporýš argentinský


Verbenaceae, solitaire annual for flower beds, increasingly used in mixed flower beds, suitable for cutting and drying, sowing 5 g per 1000 plants, II-IV, germination 14-21 days at 22-24 °C, slightly cover with vermiculite, comes up slowly and irregularly, sometimes a low temperature period is recommended, which should increase seed germination, sowing sensitive to falling of sprouted plants, pricking out after 5 weeks, 15-18 ° C, cultivation period 12-14 weeks.

They flowering reliably throughout the season. Plants make a leaf rosette on the ground, so they don´t cover other plants in planting, doesn´t look bulky, they are airy and on the contrary, they give planting structure and height diversity.

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