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Petunia hybrida multiflora
Dot Star F1 series

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Cannova F1 series

Calibrachoa Hybrida

Begonia semperflorens
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Calibrachoa hybrida
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Begonia boliviensis Tricolour

Impatiens walleriana
Beacon F1 series

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Salad cucumber Natalie F1 10g

Art.No.: 624910 Product number: 8591088014277
Very vigorous variety, suitable for leading by ropes, nets etc. - especially in greenhouses and plastic greenhouses. High proportion of female blossoms. Highly resistant to the most of important cucumbers diseases including cucumber mildew.

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Salad cucumber Natalie F1 10g

Fruits are slightly longer than Linda F1, mature for consumption when 20-25 cm in length, dark green, almost without venation and without a neck. Very slow over ripening, maintains maturity for consumption for a long period of time. Growing well even in colder plantation areas, both in the field and inside glass and plastic greenhouses, however, it requires pollination by bees, and thus sufficient ventilation.

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