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Begonia boliviensis Tricolour

Garden Pea


Pisum sativum var. medullare – Garden pea, TSW 115 - 210 g, 5-9 seeds in 1 g. Sowing of the peas is done early in the spring, preferably in the second half of March to the beginning of April. We are sowing on the prepared site in lines 15-30 cm apart, each grain 4-6 cm in distance. It is sown 1,000,000 of seeds per hectare. Seed consumption is 200-250 grams per 10 square meters. We are sowing to a depth of 5 - 7 cm. After germination maintain growth without weeds. The most important pest of pea is aphid, which could be destroyed by the spraying of Pirimor. Garden peas is undemanding on the soil, best grow in the light clay soils. The soil is fertilized with phosphate and potassium fertilizers if needed.


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Garden pea Vladan 50g Garden pea Vladan 50g Art.No.: 690300
Early to very early variety of garden pea. The plants reach a height of 65 to 75 cm, have a…
0,54 €
Garden pea Radovan 50g Garden pea Radovan 50g Art.No.: 690400
Semi-early variety of garden pea. Plants grow up to a height of 60-80 cm with a firm,…
0,54 €
Garden pea Havel 50g Garden pea Havel 50g Art.No.: 690500
early to very early variety of garden pea. The plants reach a height of 65 to 75 cm, have a…
0,49 €
Garden pea Oskar 50g Garden pea Oskar 50g Art.No.: 690600
Very early variety of garden pea, excellent for self-supplying. The crop reaching a height…
0,66 €
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