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Petunia hybrida multiflora
Dot Star F1 series

Canna x generalis
Cannova F1 series

Calibrachoa Hybrida

Begonia semperflorens
Fiona F1 series

Begonia boliviensis Tricolour

Calibrachoa hybrida
Kabloom F1 series

Begonia boliviensis Tricolour

Impatiens walleriana
Beacon F1 series

Lettuce for forcing


Lactuca sativa var. capitata TSW 1.25 - 1.7 g, 600 - 800 seeds in 1 g. Lettuce requires good, sufficiently airy soil in II. track. It is demanding to supply nutrients in an instantly acceptable form. We recommend sunny location. When sowing directly on the flower bed, sow the seeds in shallow rows or pinches in a 25 x 25 to 30 x 30 cm spacing and after germination we sort out young plants. For pre-growing of seedlings, sow the seeds in shallow boxes and replant young plants at the stage of making the right leaves of the plant with spacing 4 x 4 cm. Day temperatures are maintained at 16 - 20 °C, at 4 - 6 °C at night. Planting when is 4 - 6 right leaves on the plant put them shalow on the flower bed so we do not cover the heart of the plant. Irrigate regularly with smaller doses of water.

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Lettuce Safír (forcing) 10g Lettuce Safír (forcing) 10g Art.No.: 637500
Lettuce intended for rougher planting conditions of unheated plastic covers. The variety has…
2,64 €
Lettuce Jupiter 10g Lettuce Jupiter 10g Art.No.: 638330
Summer lettuce with large, fine, well enclosed heads with delicious taste and good…
2,22 €
Lettuce Děvín (forcing) 10g Lettuce Děvín (forcing) 10g Art.No.: 637610
New lettuce for forcing with strong (thick) leaves and compact seedlings. Tolerates…
7,83 €
Lettuce Panter (forcing) 5g Lettuce Panter (forcing) 5g Art.No.: 638530
Butter-type, semi-early variety intended for all-year planting. Heads are round,…
6,67 €
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