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Petunia hybrida multiflora
Dot Star F1 series

Canna x generalis
Cannova F1 series

Calibrachoa Hybrida

Begonia semperflorens
Fiona F1 series

Begonia boliviensis Tricolour

Calibrachoa hybrida
Kabloom F1 series

Begonia boliviensis Tricolour

Impatiens walleriana
Beacon F1 series



Pepper is a growing highly demanding crop suitable for field conditions in the warmest regions of southern Slovakia and southern Moravia. In other areas, it requires growing in cover or sheltered areas. The most suitable are warming, humous and sufficiently water-bearing soil. For field cultivation we sow in covered places in the first half of March. For good germination is necessary to ensure minimum temperatures of 20 - 22 °C even in the night hours. Planting on the site after 15.5.

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Pepper (hot) PCR 10g Pepper (hot) PCR 10g Art.No.: 625010
Classical, popular variety suitable for forcing as well as for field planting. Fruits are…
2,79 €
Pepper Rubínova 10g Pepper Rubínova 10g Art.No.: 625030
High-yield early field variety. The fruit is green - red when botanically mature,…
3,41 €
Pepper Granova 10g Pepper Granova 10g Art.No.: 625040
Mid-late field variety. The fruit is quadratic, with a blunt end, has a flat, slightly deep…
3,42 €
Pepper Amy 10g Pepper Amy 10g Art.No.: 625100
Variety with lower growth, intended for growing mainly in plastic greenhouses and picking…
5,40 €
Pepper Lydia 10g Pepper Lydia 10g Art.No.: 625110
Genuine bell pepper with medium growth. Similar to "Kurtovskaja kapia" and "Zlaten medajl"…
3,29 €
Pepper Rubika F1 1g Pepper Rubika F1 1g Art.No.: 625330
Hybrid with medium to taller growth intended for planting in glass or plastic greenhouses,…
6,86 €
Pepper Slávy F1 1g Pepper Slávy F1 1g Art.No.: 625340
Hybrid plant with taller growth, intended for planting in the field, in colder areas also in…
6,34 €
Pepper Gelby F1 1g Pepper Gelby F1 1g Art.No.: 625350
Hybrid plant with medium to taller growth, intended for planting in glass and plastic…
8,49 €
Pepper Oreny F1 1g Pepper Oreny F1 1g Art.No.: 625360
Hybrid plant with medium to taller growth intended for planting in glass and plastic…
6,86 €
Pepper (hot) Korál 10g Pepper (hot) Korál 10g Art.No.: 625510
Early, very hot, spicy, cherry-type pepper, suitable for pickling in a sour brine. Tolerant…
3,56 €
Pepper Hamík 1g Pepper Hamík 1g Art.No.: 625210
Delicate "baby" pepper with smaller, bright orange fruits which taste delicious. Fruits that…
2,25 €
Pepper Josef F1 1g Pepper Josef F1 1g Art.No.: 625720
Sweet, trapezoidal fruit is 16-19 cm in length, 8-10 cm wide, with a wall thickness of 5-8…
6,45 €
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