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Catharanthus roseus (Vinca) Tattoo

Verbena hybrida Obsession Cascade
Calibrachoa Hybrida
Calibrachoa hybrida Kabloom Denim
Begonia boliviensis Tricolour
Begonia boliviensis Tricolour



Allium porum HTS 3 - 3.5 g, 300 seeds in 1 g. When planting from seedlings, we plant seedlings of straw size in grooves at least 10 cm deep, 30-40 cm apart. Direct sowing is possible from the beginning of April to rows 50 cm apart, about 200,000 seeds per hectare. Plants are gradually covered. Leek can be successfully grown on all deep soils supplied with nutrients and humus. Best suits in neutral soil. It is not demanding, it is usually included in the second track.



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Leek Albos 20g Leek Albos 20g Art.No.: 629030
Semi-early variety intended for summer and autumn harvests. The plant is of medium height,…
2,26 €
Leek Tango 20g Leek Tango 20g Art.No.: 629040
High-yield variety intended for autumn harvest. Dark green, upright leaves. Direct sowing…
2,20 €
Leek Elefant 20g Leek Elefant 20g Art.No.: 629210
Fast growing variety suitable for autumn harvest and for wintering in fields and harvest…
2,27 €
Leek Starozorski kamuš 20g Leek Starozorski kamuš 20g Art.No.: 629050
Fast growing variety for summer and autumn harvest, light green leaves. Sowing for forcing…
2,26 €
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