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Petunia hybrida multiflora
Dot Star F1 series

Canna x generalis
Cannova F1 series

Calibrachoa Hybrida

Begonia semperflorens
Fiona F1 series

Begonia boliviensis Tricolour

Calibrachoa hybrida
Kabloom F1 series

Begonia boliviensis Tricolour

Impatiens walleriana
Beacon F1 series

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We offer vegetable seeds for direct sowing and for pre-cultivated seedlings. A more detailed description is given for each variety. Descriptions of species and varieties of vegetables were mostly taken from SEMO Smržice, Moravoseed Mikulov and LIBERA Ostrava. Note: TSW - thousand seed weight.

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Broccoli Lucky F1 5g Broccoli Lucky F1 5g Art.No.: 602110
semi-early hybrid variety for spring and late summer harvests. The plant is medium-height…
16,85 €
Kohlrabi  Dvorana (white) 10g Kohlrabi Dvorana (white) 10g Art.No.: 603010
characterised by its earliness and resistance to flowering and deformation of bulge stems in…
1,95 €
Kohlrabi Moravia (white) 10g Kohlrabi Moravia (white) 10g Art.No.: 603210
Well proven classical variety for early field sowing, with high resistance to flowering. It…
1,77 €
Kohlrabi Kartago F1 (white) 1000 seeds Kohlrabi Kartago F1 (white) 1000 seeds Art.No.: 603220
Early variety with fine pulp, resistant to stem lignification and overgrowing. Suitable for…
5,42 €
Kohlrabi Troja F1 (white) 1000 seeds Kohlrabi Troja F1 (white) 1000 seeds Art.No.: 603320
Semi-early to late hybrid kohlrabi. The plants are large, stem is a flat-spherical shape…
5,94 €
Kohlrabi Azur (blue) 10g Kohlrabi Azur (blue) 10g Art.No.: 603510
Blue variety for early field planting, medium-resistant to flowering and highly resistant to…
1,82 €
Kohlrabi  Blankyt (blue) 10g Kohlrabi Blankyt (blue) 10g Art.No.: 603520
Blue, early variety, weaker leafage, suitable for planting from seedlings and from direct…
1,82 €
Kohlrabi Modrava F1 (blue) 5g Kohlrabi Modrava F1 (blue) 5g Art.No.: 603560
Blue field kohlrabi, early variety for spring and autumn planting. It has low to…
3,62 €
Kohlrabi Gigant (white) 10g Kohlrabi Gigant (white) 10g Art.No.: 603910
Late, white variety with large, 3-5 kg heavy bulbs. High-quality, juicy pulp that does not…
1,82 €
Celeriac Maxim 5g Celeriac Maxim 5g Art.No.: 604010
Productive variety with luxuriant growth and smooth bulbs. Highly resistant to flowering and…
2,15 €
Celeriac Albin 10,000 seeds Celeriac Albin 10,000 seeds Art.No.: 604020
high-yield variety, characterised by its high nodule whiteness (weight up to 1 kg), does not…
5,25 €
Onion Všetana 20g Onion Všetana 20g Art.No.: 605230
Traditional, well proven variety with medium-sized, ochre, spherical onions. It has…
1,69 €
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