Scrophulariaceae, interesting flower pot plant with a relatively short vegetative period., sale in IV-IX, sowing 1,500 seeds per 1,000 plants, II-VI, germination 4-6 days at 21-24 °C, pricking out 2-3 weeks after sowing into 6-8 cm flower pots, cult temperature 18-21 °C day, 17-18 °C at night, flower pot size 10-12 cm, cultivation period 13-15 weeks, seed is supplied in pellets.

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Torenia fourieri Clown Mix F1 500 pellets Torenia fourieri Clown Mix F1 500 pellets Art.No.: 002540
Torenia kauai Mix F1, 15 cm, mix of white, pink, light and dark blue, very compact, spherical shape
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