Ranunculaceae, blooming pot plant for winter and spring season, sale in I-IV, sowing 1,500 seeds per 1,000 plants, VIII-IX for sale I-II, IX-X for sale in III-IV, germination 14-21 days at 10-15 °C, slightly cover with vermiculite, ideally keep at 4-8°C for the first 6-8 days, do not extend day artificially, as soon as first right leaves appear, reduce temperature to 7-10°C at night and 15°C during the day, 10-15 cm flower pots, permeable substrate, after transplanting keep at 14-16°C for two weeks, later night temperatures 5-10°C and 10-15°C during the day, fertilise regularly with 14-4-14+Ca, cultivation period 22-24 weeks, seeds are supplied in pellets, be careful, the plants are poisonous, keep away from children.

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Ranunculus Magic Mix F1 250 pellets Ranunculus Magic Mix F1 250 pellets Art.No.: 002260
15-20 cm, multi-coloured mixture, large full blossom, intended for flower pots, genetically compact
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