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Viola Cool Wave Red Wing 200 seeds

Art.No.: 006110 Product number: 8591088017216
Yellow with the upper burgundy petal.

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Viola Cool Wave Red Wing 200 seeds

The Cool Wave F1 series of spreading pansies with overhang reaching 75 cm. When planting on a flower bed, they grow to a width of 45-60 cm and a height of 15-20 cm; they are very vital. Cool Wave is the result of a breeding program that used an alpine overhanging viola from which varieties inherited a very good frost resistance. They are recommended to climate zone 5, so they tolerate temperatures of -23 to -29 °C. They like full sun. Blossom size is 5 cm. They are especially recommended for planting in medium and large containers and hanging baskets. We are planting 1 plant into 10,5-15 cm container, 3 plants into 25 cm container, and 5 plants into 30 cm container. In our conditions is the crop time from sowing to sale (10,5 cm flower pot) in autumn 11-14 weeks. In autumn sowing for sale in the spring and growing in a tempered greenhouse (without drops below 0 °C), is the crop time 23-27 weeks. When grown in large containers and hanging baskets we have to count with cultivation 3 weeks longer. Cultivation is the same as with conventional hybrid pansies. The Cool Wave F1 group almost don´t need to be treated with PGRs – in cold growing and hanging containers not at all. However, they are very demanding to nutrients. Requires regular fertilization with nitrate nitrogen fertilizers with low phosphor. Seed is supplied in „primed“ quality, which guarantees germination at least 90 %. However, this seed can´t be stored for a long period of time (several months).

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