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Verbena rigida


Verbena rigida is a first-year perennial flowering plant and belongs to the Verbenaceae family. It can tolerate frosts down to -12°C and is commonly grown as a summer plant in beds, urban greenery and larger containers. Sowing is carried out in I, 4 seeds in a planter cell and cover with vermiculite. Germinate 5-10 days at 20-22 °C, transplant after 5-6 weeks into 10 cm pots, optimum temperatures for seedling growth are 10-16 °C at night, above 16 °C during the day, higher daytime temperatures will shorten the growing period. Good air flow is important, a well-balanced fertiliser with calcium is recommended for fertilisation; avoid ammonium nitrate, which causes the plants to pull up, cultivation time is 15-20 weeks.

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