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Salvia × interspecific


Lamiaceae, annual for flowerbeds, sale V-VI, sowing 10 g or 1500 seeds per 1000 plants., II-IV for sale of flowering plants from IV, sow into flats, germinate for 4 days at 20-25 °C, germination does not require light, transplant after 4 weeks into 4 l pots, 20-26 °C during the day, 18-20 °C at night, optionally we can extend the day, cultivation period 12-17 weeks depending on light conditions, temperature and day length, treatment with growth regulator B-Nine 0,25 % - first application 2 weeks after sowing, repeat after 7-10 days as needed.


Important: 14 to 21 days after transplanting, the plants must be pinched and left only 4 leaves. However, they can also be grown in smaller pots without bloom (approx. 9 weeks) for quick use in large plantings.

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