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Ptilotus exaltatus


Amaranthaceae, annual for flower boxes, containers and flower beds, sale IV-VIII, sowing 1,500 seeds per 1,000 plants, I-V, germination 5-7 days at 24-26°C, requires light for germination, slightly cover with vermiculite, at first provide 100% air humidity, later decrease temperature to 21-24°C and down to 18°C, pricking out II-VI, 1 plant per 10-12 cm flower pot or 3 plants per 3 l container, requires permeable substrate, pH 5.5-6.5, 20-24°C, intolerant of temperatures below 10°C.

Sufficient amount of light supports compact growth and size of inflorescence, otherwise neutral to a length of day, requires regular fertilisation, medium to highly nutrient intensive, do not over fertilise with nitrogen, keep low level of N in the form of ammonia nitrogen, slow-release fertilisers can be applied to the substrate at 2 kg/m3, fungicidal watering recommended after transplanting (e.g. Previcur 607SL 0.25%), cultivation period 6-8 weeks for seedlings and 12-16 weeks for blooming plants.

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