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Catharanthus roseus (Vinca) Tattoo

Verbena hybrida Obsession Cascade
Calibrachoa Hybrida
Calibrachoa hybrida Kabloom Denim
Begonia boliviensis Tricolour
Begonia boliviensis Tricolour

Ptilotus exaltatus


Amaranthaceae, annual for flower boxes, containers and flower beds, sale IV-VIII, sowing 1,500 seeds per 1,000 plants, I-V, germination 5-7 days at 24-26°C, requires light for germination, slightly cover with vermiculite, at first provide 100% air humidity, later decrease temperature to 21-24°C and down to 18°C, pricking out II-VI, 1 plant per 10-12 cm flower pot or 3 plants per 3 l container, requires permeable substrate, pH 5.5-6.5, 20-24°C, intolerant of temperatures below 10°C.

Sufficient amount of light supports compact growth and size of inflorescence, otherwise neutral to a length of day, requires regular fertilisation, medium to highly nutrient intensive, do not over fertilise with nitrogen, keep low level of N in the form of ammonia nitrogen, slow-release fertilisers can be applied to the substrate at 2 kg/m3, fungicidal watering recommended after transplanting (e.g. Previcur 607SL 0.25%), cultivation period 6-8 weeks for seedlings and 12-16 weeks for blooming plants.

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Ptilotus exaltus Joey 100 seeds Ptilotus exaltus Joey 100 seeds Art.No.: 005300
30-35 cm, pink conical inflorescence 7-10 cm long, silver-green leaf
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