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Catharanthus roseus (Vinca) Tattoo

Verbena hybrida Obsession Cascade
Calibrachoa Hybrida
Calibrachoa hybrida Kabloom Denim
Begonia boliviensis Tricolour
Begonia boliviensis Tricolour

Phlox drummondii


Polemoniaceae, annual for flower beds, sale in V-VI, sowing 5 g or 1,750 seeds per 1,000 plants, III-V, germination 7-14 days at 18°C, cover with vermiculite, pricking out 2-3 weeks after sowing in to 7-8 cm flower pots, 15-17°C during the day, 13-15°C at night, temperature 10°C slows down the growth, cultivation period 10-12 weeks.

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Phlox drumondii Peppermint Candy 500 seeds Phlox drumondii Peppermint Candy 500 seeds Art.No.: 002250
20 cm, bicolour, red and white, very attractive, compact, flowering until the end of…
10,24 €
Phlox drummondii Cuspidata 2g Phlox drummondii Cuspidata 2g Art.No.: 002240
15 cm, mixture of colours, large blossom with fringed flower petals
2,05 €
Phlox drummondii Ethnie Mix 500 seeds Phlox drummondii Ethnie Mix 500 seeds Art.No.: 008060
20 cm, mixture of salmon, pink, white and red shades, compact
10,16 €
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