Curcubitaceae, annual for harvesting ornamental fruits, seedlings sale V-VI, sowing 100 g per 1,000 plants, period IV-V directly into flower pots 6-8 cm, germinating 10-14 days at 18 °C, direct sowing onto flower bed in V, plant. 12-16 °C, cultivation period 4-6 weeks for seedling production.

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Cucurbita Small type mix 5g Cucurbita Small type mix 5g Art.No.: 000980
multi-coloured mix of various types, shapes and colours, small and medium-sized fruits
3,15 €
Cucurbita Cou-Tors Hative 5g Cucurbita Cou-Tors Hative 5g Art.No.: 008240
20 cm in size fruits, fancy curved, colour ranging from yellow to orange, attractive
4,57 €
Cucurbita Ten Commendments 5g Cucurbita Ten Commendments 5g Art.No.: 008250
15 cm in size, ten prominent rips on the fruit, various combinations of orange, yellow,…
4,57 €
Cucurbita Large-fruited Turks Turban 5g Cucurbita Large-fruited Turks Turban 5g Art.No.: 008260
30-50 cm in size fruit, highly decorative, turban-like shape, top part of the fruit is…
3,06 €
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